Master Bedroom Suite

Have you ever noticed how well you are able to sleep in a hotel room?
Think about it. When you first enter the hotel room, the room is simple,and clean! I try to create that same feeling in our room, or shall I say our master bedroom suite! When your bedroom is neat and clean, it will feel like a getaway. First, lets start with the wall color. Choose a calming color. Next,always use fresh smelling sheets. I like pure white sheets with a light sprinkle of baby powder;however, use whatever you prefer. Also, try using a bedspread or a blanket instead of a comforter. Comforters can sometimes feel bulky. Last,but not least vacuum the floor while backing out of the room. This will also give you that hotel feeling.

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  1. You know I've never thought about why it feels good to walk into a hotel room, but you're right. I have a bunch of ugly flowers all over my bedroom walls. We both hate it but that's how it was when we bought it. We've just had so much else to do that I've not painted it. I'm also trying to decide on what color to make my bedspread. Now that I've read your post I need to rethink the colors I was going to use. I may just look into getting some paint and painting those too busy walls!


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