Homemade Lemon Extract

1 large Lemon
1/2 cup Vodka
1 small pot
1 glass jar (with a lid)
Carefully peel the lemon, make sure you remove all white from the peel.
Chop the peel. Heat the Vodka and lemon peel in your pot until it comes to a boil. Remove from heat. Pour into a glass jar with a tight lid. Place in a dark place for 14 days.


  1. I haven't even thought about lemon extract, but I am making vanilla extract. It will be ready this week. It has taken 8 weeks and I used Vodka in it as well.

  2. I'm trying this recipe for the first time as well. I have 2 more weeks left on my vanilla extract! I can't wait! Thanks for the comment, God Bless


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