Homemade Herb Butter

There are many things that you may do with herb butter, such as stuffing a chicken, on french bread, in pasta dishes, or (my favorite) on corn! Try it. It's super simple to make. All you need is:
Butter (melted)
Your favorite herb ( finely chopped)
Homemade Seasoning
Ice Cube Tray
Melt butter and set aside. Finely chop herbs. Place herbs into each section of the ice tray. Add a small amount of homemade seasoning to each section. Pour melted butter into each section covering the herbs. Refrigerate. Once butter is firm, empty herb butter into a Ziploc freezer bag labeled herb butter. Freeze until ready to use.


  1. Ooooweee! That looks good. I LOVE corn on the cob! And I love herbed butter. I melt butter with basil to drip over steamed carrots. I've never done the ice cube tray idea. I like that! I'll give it a shot. :)

  2. I've never thought about using it over carrots! That sounds yummy. Thanks


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