Where can joy be found?
And what is the source of a joy-filled life?
Pleasure says, "It is not with me."
Joy can not be purchased with silver'
Nor can it be bought with gold.
From where does joy come?
And what is the source of a joy-filled life?
To truly know the Lord,
Is the source of joy;
And to love Him with all your heart,
That is the source of a joy-filled life.

Perhaps you have already recognized the source of the little poem above. It is a paraphrase of Job 28:12-28. Job was asking some questions about wisdom, and these questions help us to focus our attention on joy because both wisdom and joy come from the same source. Both Job and Paul agreed that the source is the Lord. For that reason, Paul could tell his readers in the church at Philipi to rejoice in the Lord!

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  1. I have never in my life been as joyful as I am now because I am close to "Abba Father".


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