Decorating Outside Of The Box

When decorating your home, think outside of the box. There are several ways to make your home elegant, while spending only pennies! This is a picture of an old love seat that a cat had scratched the seat. The love seat was changed into a beautiful headboard! Notice that the lamps are different. I get most of my lamps at garage sales! ($3.00 each) I only have one night stand, so I made a nightstand out of two old Goodwill trunks! Last, but not least the bedding. I like a beautiful bed! I'm always on the look out for beautiful bedding. I use the pillow shams to make matching throw pillows! I hope this will inspire you to think outside of the box!


  1. Beautiful and inspiring. I was just thinking about how I nee to mak eour home more "homey" and that perhaps I needed to hit some thrift stores and tag sales and then I read this and I have hope. Thanks!

  2. What a fabulous idea with the headboard. It looks like a fancy professionally upolstered headboard. And as someone who use to work for a drapery company trust me something like that would have cost well over $500.


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