Lets Make Soap!

I always wear protective wear when I'm making soap. First, find a good small recipe. I will be more than happy to share some of my favorites! I always use distilled water and a good scale. I have a large plastic tub that's labeled soap making supplies only. I only use those supplies for soap making!

I always allow my oils and lye to cool down to 110 degrees.

Using a stick blender. Slowly mix lye and oils together until the mixture looks like a thin creamy pudding. Turn on the crock pot and stop blending.

Stir and keep covered. Cook on low. This soap cooked about 45 minutes.

It will start to cook fast. It will start to look like applesauce.

It looks like mashed potatoes. We now have soap!

I lined an old glass loaf pan with a plastic bag. Then filled it with the soap.

Let the soap sit a couple of hours to set.

It's that simple! This method of soap making is called hot process. This soap is ready to use once it has cooled! Happy Soap Making!


  1. Your bars look wonderful!

    Where do you purchase your lye? I cannot find a store that carries it, and online they want 3 x's what it's worth to ship it since it's a caustic material?

  2. I get my lye from our local candle and soap making supply warehouse. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce. They might have a local listing of hobby shops that might carry lye. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Thanks for the tip, I wouldn't have thought to check there!


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