Starting The New Year Saving Money!

Happy New Year!!! I'm starting the new year off with an eye for saving money! I really enjoy couponing. It's addictive! Sunday's newspaper had 5 inserts. That was huge! Here is a photo of my day after New Year's grocery shopping puree. The total cost before my coupons was $253.74 after using my coupons I paid $87.12 Yes!!!! I was so excited! My goal this year is to get the most bang for my buck. I want to buy $500 worth of groceries for $50 or less!


  1. What a haul!! That is incredible!
    Good for you! I really want to start saving money within our grocery bill as well....
    Happy New Year by the way!


  2. Thanks for the comment. You can do it girl!!! lol It's so much fun.


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