Our Beautiful Cross

My hubby and I met a very sweet man that made handcrafted christian art. He ran a non-profit shelter for abused men and women. Yes, I said men! I was so surprised that there were actually men that were being abused by their wives. He was so kind to share his own personal story with us. God has given him a passion to share his talents with people who think they are all alone. He made this cross by hand! It's a gorgeous 8ft cross with The Ten Commandments carved into it.


  1. That is fantastic, I love that cross! What a wonderful ministry your dear friend has, and what a testimony! I am praying the Lord will grant me the wisdom I need to focus on and bring my vision for a non-profit organization to life. I really needed to see this post today; I was starting to give up on my dream.

  2. God has given you a passion to do something. Pray and step out on faith. Trust me, it's worth the ride! Go Girl :)

  3. Oh, that looks beautiful. I never thought about men being abused, but now that I think about it, I have seen some women that looked like they could beat a man!


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