Fun Facts

I was recently tagged to share some fun facts about myself!
My favorites:
Movie: Overboard
Actor: Samuel L. Jackson
Actress: Jenifer Lewis, Goldie Hawn
Color: Black
Scripture: Psalms 100
Animal: King Kong
Food: Soul Food
Flower: White Roses
Candle: Birds of Paradise
Singer: Vickie Winan, Kem, Fred Hammond, Maxwell

People I would like to meet:
Martha Stewart
Michelle Obama
Queen Latifah

How do I view myself:
I'm a girly girl that loves the Lord!!! I'm so blessed! I have a great hubby that I absolutely adore. I am a proud mom of two wonderful teenagers. I must say that I love life! I thank God daily for loving me so much!


  1. Thanks for sharing!

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  2. you are so sweet! And I love to see another believer online...

    I noticed you have a picture of the Obama Family on your blog and even though I myself voted for him back in 2008,by now I am convinced that he is an unbiblical and ungodly president:(

    Don't want to burst your bubble in any way but just sharing my opinon...he is so new-age and "politically correct" to please the masses.

    But Jesus died for my sins on that cross and I am not going to be ashamed of the gospel and neither should he...after all, God says specifically in the Bible what happens to the nations that turn away from Him....
    Sorry for my rant, but as a fellow Christian I felt I shoudl share it with you.


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