Homemade Bread Flour

If you enjoy making homemade bread like I do, then here is a quick tip.
For each cup of All-Purpose flour add 1 teaspoon of Wheat Gluten To make your own homemade bread flour. Happy Baking!


  1. I have a whole bag of bread flour to get rid of but as soon as I am done with it, I will try this recipe.

    1. All purpose flour has a lot of additives for added leavening (more or less depending upon the brand). You would have a much better approximation of Bread flour if you start out with unbleached all natural flour and add the gluten.

  2. Thanks so much I love ya all Big fat hugs

  3. What a terrific hint! I always kind of wondered what the wheat gluten was used for, smiles. Will purchase it when I am next in the store. Thank you for sharing this great idea. Blessings.

  4. I have been doing this for years, and have used 1/2 white and 1/2 whole wheat mix, all purpose, and unbleached flours. They all work great. With the 1/2 whole wheat mix I add about 1 tsp extra gluten for each 2 cups of flour mix.

  5. Awesome blog! God bless you and your lovely family!

  6. Hi there, again. I just wanted to tell you, that because of your links,I went from here, to Abandoned2Christ, from there to watching 180 by Ray Comfort, to Dr. Alveda King, to Anglicans for Life. I've spent about 3 hrs. Reading and praying, all because you had a recipe for homemade bread flour which led to spending time with the Bread of Life, Jesus. Because you witness thru your blog, I was able to pray and resolve some issues I've been having. Thank you for being a bold witness for Jesus!


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