Senior Prom

I can't believe that my baby girl just had her 18th birthday! Where does the time go? Things I miss the most: Listening to Barney tapes ALL day long. Answering at least 85 questions per day. I had it First! No, I had it First! Listening to her spell every traffic sign on the way to school. Hiding her little brother's favorite toys so he will play with her. Finding her fish sticks in the doggie bowl. Explaining why she can't wear her swim suit under her clothes on a rainy day. Watching 3hr Barney tapes and singing every song!!! We love you baby!


  1. What a beautiful daughter you have! I am very thankful for all the years I've had with my children. There is just nothing like them!

  2. I am on the same path as you. You have a lovely family. My son had prom in April and graudation in May and now he is off to college (lieterally, he left the next morning) :-(. Sad but proud moment. My prayers are with your family for her awesome future.


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