Our New Windows

It's past time for new windows!
Wow! What a difference :)


  1. Love the new window! Thought I'd stop by from Busy Mom in the Kitchen and say "Hi!". Love your site, and wanted to let you know, I appreciate you stopping by and I am following! God Bless!

  2. Thank you so much! I really enjoy your blog! God Bless :)

  3. It definitely has a big difference! Sliding windows are durable enough because they don’t have spring and pulleys that easily wear out. These windows are low in maintenance (cost-effective), which makes them a top choice for residential establishments. By the way, avoid using petroleum-based cleaners, caustic chemicals, and high pressure water hoses because these might damage the windows’ surfaces and insulation seal.

    Roxie Tenner

  4. What I love about sliding windows is they’re incredibly cost-effective. Aside from the fact that it’s cheaper, it also lasts longer with much less maintenance. Therefore, there’s no room for stress about having to worry about cost of repairs and replacement. :)

    - Katie Nicoll

  5. Your new windows look great! I prefer them than the old ones. Your new windows let in more light and are actually sturdier than your previous windows. They’ll also be a lot easier to maintain and clean since there are fewer panes.

    -- Barrett Elmore


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