Keep Your Old Toothbrushes

Don't throw out your old toothbrushes! Instead, use them as a cleaning tool around the house. They work great on cleaning artificial flowers, costume jewelry, combs, shower door tracks, crevices between tiles, and around faucets. Also clean computer keyboards, can-opener blades, and around stove burners. Last but not least, my favorite way to reuse an old toothbrush is as a punishing tool. As a child, my mom would punish me by giving me a mop bucket filled with hot soapy water, an old cloth and a toothbrush. My punishment was to scrub all of the base boards in the house until they were super clean! I HATED that! Now that I'm a mom, take a wild guess how I punish my kids :) Yes, the old toothbrush! Happy Cleaning :)

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