Costly Surprise

While trying out a new floor cleaning recipe for my tile floors, I noticed that my living room floor was warm. My hubby decided to pull up the warmest tile to take a peek underneath and this is what we found. A bubbling steam! Water started running EVERYWHERE!
There was a pipe leaking under the foundation of our home. We had to call Home Leak Locaters to find the leak. *Warning! There is a $500 fee just for them to find the leak! There goes my monthly massage. Lol
It only took them about 5 minutes to find the leak. They really know their stuff!
It took them about an hour to fix the problem.
They had to use 5 buckets of dirt to fill that whole!
Good as new!


  1. Wow. I hope it doesn't run up your water bill as well! Perhaps your homeowners insurance will cover it? I had a leak once that was covered, but another time one wasn't, as it was a different company with slightly different coverage.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Yes our water bill was high. It had been leaking for at least a month! I'm so glad that its all over! God Bless


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