Fat Flushing Water

I absolutely adore spa water! It's just something about the beautiful colors of the fruit or veggies floating in the water that makes me want to drink more water. Here is a recipe that I found on the Dr. Oz website. It's called Fat Flush Water. You will need: 1 gallon Water, 1 organic Tangerine, 1 slice of Grapefruit, 1/2 sliced Cucumber and 2 Mint leaves. This water is so yummy!


  1. I've had similiar, and its good stuff. It even seemed to give me more energy.

  2. Yes! I love it! Of course it also had me running to the little girls room. Lol I'm sure thats why it's called "Fat Flushing" lol Thanks for the comment God Bless :)


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