Keeping A Squeaky Clean Toilet

There's nothing like a squeaky clean toilet! Believe it or not, cleaning my toilet relaxes me. I have several cleaning tips for keeping the toilet squeaky clean, but here are my two favorites. I like to drop a couple of denture tablets in the bowl and let the lid down as I'm leaving for work. After work I just lift the lid a flush. This will keep that water ring from forming inside the toilet. Now for keeping the out side of the toilet clean, I love using lemon scented Lysol disinfecting spray. It will make the toilet sparkle! Yes, I really enjoy cleaning my toilets! My hubby says I'm the only women he knows that loves to scrub the toilet! Lol I know. I have issue! Lol I just love a clean and organized home! *Remember: Always wrap your hair to protect it from chemicals. Also, notice that I'm sitting on an old towel to protect my bottom. My grandma would turn over in her grave if she saw me siting on concrete! Lol

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