Creating A Car Caddy

Have you noticed that every time your family get in the car, someone is either hungry, thirsty or has a headache? Call me cheap, but I REFUSE to buy ANYTHING from a gas station other than gas! Their prices are entirely too expensive! So I decided to create a "Car Caddy". It has all kinds of snacks for those road trip munchies.
I usually just randomly pick different snacks that my family like to eat then toss them in the caddy. The caddy is just an inexpensive $2.99 card organizer from Target but you can use whatever you have on hand.
I always buy snacks in bulk to save money. Then I buy snack bags for potion control
This "Car Caddy" works out great for our family! We keep it in the back seat of our car and whenever someone is hungry or thirsty they can just reach into the caddy. I hope this inspires you :)


  1. Thanks! Believe me when I say that this REALLY comes in handy!


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