Home Office Supply Closet

We don't have an official office in our home; however, my hubby works from home and he desperatly needed one. So as usual, I had to gladly get creative! I decided to take a small corner in our home to create the illusion of an official office space. I placed a small inexpensive writing desk in the corner, away from the wall for more space. I baked my mom a yummy German chocolate cake in exchange for two slim bookshelves that she wasn't currently using :)
Of course, I had to color code all the books. Lol
I added a lamp and some photos on the desk to warm up the space. I was so pleased with the results! I asked my hubby how did he like it? His answer was "Its nice but where on earth are my office supplies?" I said, I'm so glad you asked! (smile)
I created him an Office supply closet! It was super easy and fun to create! I just purchased an inexpensive $14.99 over-the-door hanging shoe organizer from Bed Bath & Beyond and labeled each pocket with my label machine. We really like how this "office" turned out! Having a supply closet is a great idea. We love it! Everything from paper clips to push pens has a spot. It makes everything super easy to find. I hope this inspires you. God Bless :)

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