Homemade Potty Bag

Have you ever have to use a public restroom? Have you noticed that it seems as if they ALL have sandpaper as toilet tissue? Lol I decided to create a "Potty Bag". This is simply a bag that I keep some personal restroom items. I like to keep: Soft toilet tissue that's protected in a large ziplock bag, individually wrapped panty liners, bottom wipes, individually wrapped feminine wipes, small sample bottles of hand soap and hand lotion. I keep it with me at all times. I just simply restock the bag when needed. This bag has really come in handy! A coworker of mine thought this was the craziest idea. She laughed at me everyday for a week when she saw me grab my "Potty Bag". A few days later, the company's cleaning crew forgot to restock toilet tissue in the womens restrooms. That same coworker offered to pay me $20 to use my Potty Bag! Lol Hmmmm......Not so crazy after all! I hope this inspires you to create a Potty Bag :)


  1. Oh ok. I've seen you carrying this bag! Lol! Very smart idea. The bathroom is out of tissue and paper towels sometimes!!!


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