Our Home Stockpile

This is our home stockpile. It is important for me to stretch our family dollars as for as they can possibly go. I like to use coupons combined with sale items. Usually items go on sale every 8 to 12wks. I try to buy enough to last our family until the items come back on sale. For instants, Cereal is usually about $4 per box. Most stores will offer a $2 off sale. Combine that store sale with a $1 off coupon and you will only pay $1 per box! If your family eats 1 box of cereal each week, then you will need to buy 8 to 12 boxes while the cereal is on sale. I love it! I hope this inspires you to stretch your family dollars :)


  1. Your stockpile looks like mine. :)

  2. Your stockpile looks like mine. :)


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