Home Small Item Case

I decided to create a case for all of those small items in our home that really doesn't have a "spot" Items like needles, thread, bobby pins, rubber bands, mattress clips, safety pins, felt pads, nail clippers, and buttons. I used an inexpensive tackle box from the hardware store.
I like to label each section for a more organized look.
I hope this inspires you to create a "small item" case for your home. Happy Organizing :)


  1. I had to smile at your little tiny compartment for buttons. We have two drawer containers each about 3 times as big as that container full of buttons plus another tin. But we really enjoy sewing and crafting and have also been blessed with people giving us buttons so we have a good supply!

  2. Lol oh my! I don't know how to sew. I wish I did! Thanks for the comment :)


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