My Cleaning Routine For Our Refrigerator

I like to keep our refrigerator VERY clean! Every Saturday morning I take EVERYTHING out of our refrigerator and wash the inside with HOT water and clorox commercial cleaning spray. I also like to use a dry cloth and wipe all the shelves and drawers inside the refrigerator to prevent water spots.
Once the frig is cleaned and dried, Its easy for me to evaluate what items I need to restock. Its also easy to make our grocery list for the next week. As you can see, I cleared almost EVERYTHING out of the frig except water, cheese, eggs, and bacon! Lol I forgot to take a picture of our STOCKED frig. Our frig is usually restocked each week with orange juice, romaine lettuce, spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, eggs, bacon, water, celery, some kind of fruit and any other special items that I need for the next weeks menu.
I hope this inspires you to keep your refrigerator clean and organized! Happy Cleaning :)


  1. I like a clean refrigerator, too. And, yippee for knowing what is in there and using it all up! :) Hugs, Camille

  2. Lol thanks for the sweet comment! God Bless :)

  3. A clean fridge is wonderful! Usually that is the job of one of my children and something that can get done during our memory work time. Since we moved to our new house though our fridge tends to get reorganized regularly - I like the idea of your labels in there. My husband just got a label maker so maybe we will need to put it to work.

  4. I know it sounds crazy but the labels REALLY work! Thanks for the comment :)


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