Refresh Your Guest Bedroom

Can you believe it's already November? Its time to freshen up that guest bedroom for family and friends that will be visiting for the holidays. I like to start by clearing EVERYTHING out of the room and give the carpet a good vacuum. Next, I flip and vacuum the mattress. YES, I said vacuum the mattress! Lol Then, I pull out the warm winter bedding and make the bed. I also like to add some large candles in the room to warm up the space. Even though this may seem like a lot of steps, trust me when I say that it will make a huge difference in how welcoming the room will feel. Give it a try! Happy Cleaning :)


  1. Your guest room looks lovely! This is something that I need to work on as we do have guests (my in-laws) coming for Thanksgiving.

  2. Awwhh Thank you so much for the sweet comment :)


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