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I absolutely love caring for our home. I'm a true Domestic Geek! I always say that I'm a housewife that happens to work a full time job outside the home. I must be honest with you. Working 40 to 50hrs a week and caring for our home is NO JOKE! You MUST be passionate and organized! It took me quite some time to design a schedule that fits my lifestyle, and I would like to share that schedule with you. Each day this week I will share my routine for that day. Today I will share how I prep for the week. I work outside the home Monday - Friday and some Saturdays from 5:00am to 3:30pm each day. This means that I must leave home no later than 4:30am each morning to get to work on time. If I wanted to fix breakfast before work, I would need to get up around 2:00 or 2:30am That's a no-no for me. Lol Getting up at 3:30 is early enough! I'm totally NOT a morning person so I MUST plan ahead! Every Saturday morning I cook breakfast for the entire week. Here is what I fixed for this week:
I cooked at 2 pounds of my hubby's favorite sausage and 1 dozen of scrambled eggs. I bought extra large tortilla shells. Don't buy those prepackaged shells. They are not as good as the handmade shells! You can find the homemade shells at your local bakery or at your local tortilla factory. The homemade shells take your burritos to another level! I add Mexican shredded cheese. Some weeks I will switch the burritos up and add potatoes or bacon!
I roll the burritos up in aluminum foil and put 12 in the freezer and 12 in the refrigerator. This will make it easy for my hubby to simply pop the burrito into the microwave and breakfast is served! Next, I wash clothes EVERYDAY. It's a great way for me to stay on top of the laundry. I put a load of clothes into the washer as soon as I get up in the morning. Halfway through getting dressed, I will transfer the clothes to the dryer. As soon as the dryer beeps, I take the clothes out, fold them, put them away, grab my coffee, kiss my hubby, and I'm out the door! Stay tuned for my daily evening routines starting tomorrow.


  1. Hello Sonya,

    I love the color of your washer and dryer. During the years I worked outside my home, I too did laundry EVERY day (still do) and prepped and / or cooked meals one day each week. I can verify from personal experience that these 2 practices work. I hope your suggestions help many.

    Looking forward to your next organization post.



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