Homemade Breakfast On A Bun

Hubby & I were both off today for Martin Luther King's birthday. We slept in! I think it was around 11:00am when we finally rolled out of bed and I loved it. There's nothing like a good lazy day. I decided to make us a homemade version of Whataburger's breakfast on a bun. They were super simple and super yummy! I toasted some Hawaiian hamburger buns in butter. I put 2 pieces of sausage on each bun along with a couple slices of cheddar cheese and 2 eggs over easy. They are VERY filling! I hope our lazy day will inspire you to try this homemade breakfast on a bun. Happy Cooking :)


  1. Ohhhh myyyy goodness, Sonya,

    Whataburger is a food my family always took for granted when we lived in Texas. Now that we live on the Montana prairie, the CRAAAAVE it. I can't let any of them see this post.


  2. Lol This is one of my family favorites! Try making some for your family and see if it reminds them of Texas/Whataburger. I bet they will love it! Thanks for the comment :)


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